Thursday, November 21, 2019

My Personal Code of Ethics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

My Personal Code of Ethics - Research Paper Example 220-221). This paper is an attempt to summarize my code of ethics for dealing with decisions concerning the individuals around me, the society, and myself. This paper would construct a brief code of ethics in light of my thoughts and experiences and would highlight that where these ethical norms appear to be in line or are inspired by the words, ideas, and theories of ethical theorists and philosophers. Beliefs and obligations to the society When it comes to my beliefs and obligations to the society, I believe that they are greatly in line with the utilitarian principle greatest good for the greatest number of people. The idea of greatest good for greatest number of people is the cornerstone of the ethical theory known as utilitarianism (Copp, pp. 41-47). Founded by Jeremy Bentham and nourished by John Stuart Mill (Copp, pp. 41-47), this school of thought comes under the umbrella of teleological ethical theories or consequentialism which believes that the consequences are and should be the prime criteria for determining the moral worth and status of actions (Copp, pp. 41-47). ... Important here to note is that utilitarianism believes in creating benefits that could be valid for the maximum number of people and not for only one’s own self (Rosen, pp. 63-64). I do not prefer to use horns while driving. I refrain myself from using non-recyclable products. I try to look for organic products and the ones, which have their origins in environmental friendly, green, and sustainable practices. I avoid using my car for short distances and instead use public transport. I will never throw garbage on the street or anywhere else in the dustbin, in fat, if I see garbage on the street, I will take out time and save it. I support animal rights and ethical treatment of animals. Quite clearly, all these actions may be hurting me to some extent but towards the end of the day, they appear to be creating the greatest benefit for the entire society and planet (Pojman & Tramel, pp. 125-126). However, important here is to note that, there is some contradiction between my ethic al principles and other principles of utilitarianism. One of the most important is the Millian arrangement of two principles of utilitarianism, according to which the principle of liberty comes first after the principle of utility (Sofroniou, pp. 36-39). Discussion regarding the same takes place later in the paper. Beliefs and obligations to other individuals As mentioned earlier in the paper that I beg to defer from the John Stuart Mill’s arrangement of the two important principles of liberty and utility. If we accept Mill’s arrangement, according to which utility should be the obvious selection if there is a clash between utility and liberty (Pojman, & Fieser, pp. 52-54). This would lead to a society where it would be ethical and moral to steal and divide the

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