Friday, February 7, 2020

Steps used in quantitative research and steps used in qualitative Essay

Steps used in quantitative research and steps used in qualitative research - Essay Example This is then followed up by the articulation of research questions or hypothesis. These are usually the guiding pillars on what is to be achieved by the study. Designing the research study is the next important step and it usually guides the other research steps which include sample selection, data collection, analysis and interpretation. The interpretation step seeks to determine whether the study answers the research questions or whether it conforms to the stated hypothesis. This is followed by the drawing up of conclusions and the writing up of the final research report. Qualitative research can be conducted in 10 steps. The first and second steps involve the choosing of a subject or the area of study, as well as choosing the approach to be used. Choosing the approach is also referred to as designing the study, and this step encompasses a number of steps that include the review of literature, the formulation of research questions, statement of the purpose of the research, and sampling (Chenail, 2011). During sampling, aspects such as the target population, the appropriate sample, sample selection methods are addressed since they directly impact on the data collection and analysis methods to be used. The next step involves the addressing of the ethical concerns associated with the study. Other steps include data collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation of the findings, and the writing of the final

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